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VirtualĀ Instruction

300+ individual tutorials covering more than 20 classroom, SAE, and CDE areas from experienced Advisors and industry professionals

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Student Focused

Students can rewatch tutorials to develop skills, maximize instructional time, build confidence, and excel in the classroom and at CDEs

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Unlimited Logins

Unlimited logins per teacher with access to all the tutorials, related resources, and new videos as soon as they become available

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Each category has individual tutorials and step-by-step demonstrations

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Jay Borden

“My favorite thing about the videos is how they are organized by topic. If I leave it with students, they can find the subjects really easily and go through them on their own.”

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Virgil Blalock

“With the PLOW videos, my students were able to learn Floral Design on their own and then better utilize our time at school practicing. I didn’t have ANY experience in the contest but we made it to the State CDE the very first year. I couldn’t believe it!'

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